Open banking in Czech Republic

Banking Regulation in Czech Republic. All tracked banks, account providers and third-party providers active in Czech Republic.

By taking advantage of technology like API's (application programming interface) banks can offer users an easy way to access all of their financial information. Open banking and open finance have the potential to revolutionize how people in Czech Republic interact with banks and other financial services providers. It also allows new entrants into the market, opening up new opportunities for startups, fintech, and tech companies in Czech Republic that are looking for ways in which they can disrupt traditional finance models. In some markets, we see the first effects of open finance on financial inclusivity.

NCA/Regulator: Czech National Bank

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Third-party providers regulated in Czech Republic

CountryProviderPassported countriesAcquired licence
Platební instituce Roger a.s. 42016-12-08
BudgetBakers s.r.o. 282019-06-12
GOPAY s.r.o. 62012-11-23
1. PF Finance, s.r.o. 12020-07-29
SPENDEE a.s. 282018-12-28
Benxy s.r.o. 12019-04-12

API Aggregators in Czech Republic

CountryProviderPassported countriesAcquired licence
No data available.
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