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Third-party providers regulated in Finland

CountryProviderPassported countriesAcquired licence
Suomen Asiakastieto Oy22019-10-02
OK Perintä Oy12020-08-07
Svea Payments Oy32014-06-02
Paytrail Oyj212011-09-05
Holvi Payment Services Oy302014-05-21
Checkout Finland Oy182015-11-26
Zervant Oy82020-10-30
Skadi Oy12019-06-20
Enable Banking Oy102020-06-12
ePassi Clearing Oy92018-06-11
Enfuce License Services Oy122020-05-26
Collateral Solutions Oy12020-04-09
CrediNord Oy12020-12-11
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